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Blackhive is the industry leader in a variety of dry goods. We are the sole sales and marketing arm for one of the largest pinto and black bean processors in the country. We are farmer-direct and have the pricing and quality to prove it. Blackhive can source sugar from not only domestic sources, but Mexico, Central America, and throughout the world. And, with our offices located in Arkansas, the “Rice Capital of the World”, our ties to rice farmers and processors are second to none. All products are available in retail, food service, and industrial pack sizes.

Long Grain Enriched Rice 100 lb

Long Grain Enriched Rice 50 lb

Black Beans 50 lb

Black Beans 1 lb

Black Beans 25 lb

Pinto Beans 50 lb

Pinto Beans 1 lb

Pinto Beans 25 lb

Cane Sugar 50 lb

6x Powdered Sugar 50 lb

10x Powdered Sugar 50 lb

Brown Sugar 50 lb


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Fayetteville, AR 72703